Sunday, April 22, 2007

It isn't a lamb....

So to any of you following my previous post, here is the rest of the story. The conclusion to the running joke. Before I went to the Sheepfest, I agreed that we were not ready for sheep just yet. It really wouldn't be fair to the sheep if for no other reason. But it was fun, because hubby knew that it would be something that I would do....carry livestock in a taurus wagon! He just knows me way too well. Anyway... a lady was at the festival with angora rabbits. I have been wanting one for awhile, but most are very pricy. When I saw them, I immediately thought of hubby....hmmm, its not a lamb. And....we didn't think of rabbits being there. And... its just a cage and a bag of food. And....we don't have to get the pasture ready for this critter. And....its SO cute. And...the prices were good! And..... I walked away.

I went inside to the spinning part of the festival, talk to some spinners, got to spin some myself and asked some questions. The rabbit wool could be mixed in with the sheeps to spin.....hmmmmm.....a purpose. Went back outside...of course I had to pass the furry little critters. So then I had to talk to the lady and get some educational information. That was definitly a mistake.

I took precautions before I left home and only had enough cash for my significant purchases. Then I had to find out how far the nearest ATM was. Remember that I am out in the mountains of western Maine country. So I traveled about 10 miles to get cash for a bunny. I really did attempt to talk myself out of this. I got distracted by the barn...stopped by the road and took pictures and forgot that I was talking myself out of buying a rabbit. Back to the festival I went.

This is long winded, but bear with me. So I bought the rabbit, stopped at the Farmers Union and bought water bottle and feed and headed home to inform hubby that not only had I bought a rabbit, but "would he build me a cage too". I had this all rehearsed while I was petting the bunny on my front seat, the whole way home.

When I got there, hubby had his motorcycle out, polishing it, changing oil and guy stuff like that. I told him that I did not buy a lamb. He said thats good. I told him...that it does poop but its not a lamb. hahah He asked where I was going to put it and I told him I'd put it in the shed for the night and we could build cage on sunday. Well, the cats started sniffing around the shed. He stopped what he was doing and we went to look for a place to build a cage. He gathered up all of his tools took them to the shed and got started. He was still smiling throughout all of this. He will just say..."girls" and thats the extent of it. As he finished up the cage, I told him that I was going to chase down the rabbit that was hiding under a cast iron stove in the cook shack. I came back and reported that I would have to have another pair of hands.

I did not think rabbits were so strong. She gave us quite a fight and we scrambled around in the dirt for some time trying to catch my new addition. After a time, we finally caught her, put her in a box and took her to her new cage. She went in the cage with a thump...she was very scared but is just fine. Hubby then reminded me not to bring home any critters unless we had a place to put it.

Throughout all of this, he was never sour or dismayed. He kept smiling, ok maybe he sputtered just a little at the things girls But it was always playful. In tribute to him.. I have to say that he is always supportive of the things I want to do or try, he may not want to be a huge part of somethings, but he never discourages me. I am definitly his biggest fan. He deals with all of my little quirks and loves me just the same. He spoils me with respect and kindness and we take very good care of each other. We enjoy each others individuality and independance but make great companions as well. LIFE IS GREAT!!!

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Providence Acres Farm said...

Life is indeed great! Hubby sounds like a winner! I am very interesting in how you do with the carding and spinning of the rabbit hair.