Friday, August 22, 2008

Take me home...

Road trips are fun but my goodness is it ever wonderful to be back home again. This trip was straight down and back, so most of the pictures are actually taken from the front seat of my van. We stopped for a few hours to get some sleep after I picked up my son, for some much needed shut-eye. Here are a few of the pictures.

Still quite a distance away, but here is the first view of the mountains that I love so well. We were actually in Maryland here. About eleven hours into this trip....but I can see it.

Here are the dear friends that went with me on this journey. They just couldn't bear the thought of me going alone. The picture is taken at Blackwater Falls State park, which is where I was headed to pick up my son. My friends really didn't have to worry that I would get lost or anything......
I borrowed a GPS named "Betsy" to make sure that didn't happen. She certainly saved us too. We got turned around and landed outside of New York City and she got us through Pleasantville and back on the path home to Maine. Thank you, Betsy!!

At the beginning of our journey home...we were greeted with a glorious sunrise coming over the mountains.

The farmland throughout Pennsylvania was beautiful. Since I have an addiction to barns, I will share a few with you.

And the farmhouses... I had 167 pictures that I was determined to take on this trip. I snapped to my little hearts content.

Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures looked like this......

We had a great trip, I achieved what I wanted to do. I was really happy to see this sign.
We returned safe and sound although a little worn out as you can see.

My son and my friend..(the backseat drivers),
...... my friends hubby(the pilot)

And me. I am very happy to be home in Maine. I remembered all of the beauty that I left behind in West Virginia. I took so many pictures between two road trips to document many memories. This whole experience gave me closure of sorts. I am no longer homesick for West Virginia. Anything that was there....I just brought home with me.

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