Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a birthday!

It's really rare that you receive a truly monumental present when you turn 40 something. I did!!! My daughter came to Maine to meet her brother that she had not seen in 12 years. My previous blog shows my reunion with my son. It has truly been an amazing year. I have not seen my daughter in 2 years myself and we had lots of hugging to catch up on.

The reunion was fantastic! We relived childhood memories, had lots of laughs and a few tears as well. It was only a weekend and there just wasn't enough time. None of us wanted it to end. I have so many pictures that were taken and I can't wait to share them. We went for long rides to see the Maine countryside and snow, visited with friends at work, had a little snow adventure that I can't wait to tell about and had a family celebration with the grands on my birthday. It really just doesn't get much better than this.

The final trip to the airport was the hardest... I had to return her to Florida and her hubby, Jonathan. I am happy that she is so happy and happy that she was able to make the trip. At least I know that the sadness I am feeling at this moment is temporary. Even though there are many miles between isn't a separation like it was before. My kids are getting to know each other again and feeling a closeness that they both need.

This reunion gave my heart stitches and completed my circle. Thanks for letting me share this with you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Great now I have tears, great story and I am so happy it all works out. Great little family there.


Anonymous said...

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