Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I guess it's time to take the plunge..

I have thought about it many times and have read many wonderful blogs. There are several that I check on faithfully everyday. I think the whole concept of a blog is awesome. My motivation for now is simply to keep an online journal of sorts. If for no other reason than I love to write and document.

I am picture happy right now. I am actually really glad that my camera does not need film and development. I think somewhere, I have a bag I've been toting around with me of rolls of undeveloped 35mm film. Well, now that those memories are tucked away...ummm, safely. (They must be safe because I put them somewhere safe) Wherever they are, really doesn't matter. I am living for the present and the future. No going back, right? And I am going to document it along the way! I'm sure glad that you stopped in...pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee or tea with me and by all means...Come back often!


Nancy Jo said...

Good for you and keep posting!!Its fun to take pictures , and write down what you are up to.
Looks like you are going to have some flowers come spring, how nice of Hubby to fix that all up for you.

Sue said...

Good for you Birdi, so glad you have you joined us in blogland!! I will be back often!

Shaymo said...

I want to see those pictures! :)