Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Think Spring!

This is the garden as seen from my sewing machine window. It really doesn't look like much will be growing anytime soon. But then again, this is Maine and we are not supposed to see the ground productive for another eight to ten weeks or so. That is what I am reminded of almost daily by DH... and MIL....and DD. Yes, but... I need to see little green living things sprouting.

So....hubby felt my pain and turned a spare bedroom into an indoor greenhouse. He built shelves, wired lights and switches and found me the watering can. Now, what more could a little farmgirl ask for.

These are carnations in the white pan and in the other one are canterbury bells and my first herb of the season- heartsease. The bottom picture has about 140 leeks. Yay!!! Little green things!