Thursday, March 15, 2007

The trip around the world continues!!!

This bug that I told you bit me carried on through the day. I faithfully got my homework assignment from my MIL this morning. I was so excited at how it was going together that I called her and told her I was going on to the next steps ....SOLO!!! She encouraged me to do so with the utmost confidence in me. All I can say about my next leg of the journey was....Gosh, I am glad that I liked puzzles when I was a child and that the fascination still hold true!!! I finally got it all together... "IMA", held up very well and is still happy despite all of my fussing to her. By the way, Ima is the name I gave my sewing machine. When I am frustrated, she hears...IMA throw you out the window if you don't do want I want you to....well, you get the idea. Thanks for visiting, I'll keep you posted on the progress.


sunshine said...

My first quilt was a trip around teh world except I reversed it never liked following patterns to much it was also blue. Looks good.
If you want to see it go here
take care Sunshine

Day4plus said...

Very, very nice. You are doing beautifully. Keep it up. MB

Nancy Jo said...

Good for you and nice job! Now you will be thinking of all kinds of things you can make.